Four Great Flavors

Bold Original

An intense blend of black pepper,
smoky campfire, and tangy jalapeno.

Brazen Cajun

With a rich blend of true creole spices,
this jerky is "hot stuff."

Garlic Green Chili

For those who prefer the flavor
of our original recipe with less heat.

Spicy Habenero

A powerful blend of traditional
southwestern seasonings.

Taste The Old West

Back in the days when a cowboy could count on a loyal horse, a fast gun, and his own wits to keep himself alive, he'd be certain to keep a stash of beef jerky close at hand.

Certainly not a fancy gourmet item, but a hearty portion of real beef, seasoned with pure
ingredients and dried to make it last
a good long time.

Come rain, snow or hail of bullets the lone rider could reload with a bold snack and get back on the trail with a satisfied appetite.

Nowadays, this kind jerky is a bit hard to find. Most of the stuff they call jerky would make better boot leather. But you can rejoice knowing that American Jerky Company remembers how jerky should be. They still make it right every time.

The Cattlemen's Choice

AJC uses only high-quality beef in the makings of our jerky products. Using the leanest cuts such as the top round, our jerky is tender and free of fat.

Our jerky is prepared "cowboy style" in a
manner that time and tradition has proven
to be perfect on every count.